Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What industries does 3D Logics service?

As an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified industrial 3D Printing service, 3D Logics supports a wide variety of industries including Medical, Automotive, Consumer, Industrial, and Artistry.

I have a lot of custom parts that need to be printed; can you do high volumes?

Yes, 3D Logics uses industrial 3D printing machines and, depending on part geometries, can produce hundreds of parts per build.

I only need 1 small part printed; can you do small volumes?

As an industrial 3D printing service, we typically print more than one part at a time for our customers. However, we also try to maximize every build that we do and sometimes have room for single or low volume parts.

How do you determine 3D Printing costs?

Cost is determined by several factors, including: the size of the part(s), the material being used, the complexity of the design, the time that it will take to print, quantity needed, and customer timeline requirements. We also offer a wide variety of post processing options for an additional cost if needed.

How do I get my part 3D printed?

The first thing you will need is a digital 3D file of your part. From there, you can visit our quote page to fill out your information and upload your 3D file for our team to review. We typically can review files and provide a quote in 24-48 hours.

I don’t have a digital 3D part file; can you create one for me?

We do not design or offer design services at 3D Logics. If needed, we can provide resources to help you get connected with someone who can create a digital 3D file for you.

Do you offer 3D scanning or reverse engineering services?

We only offer 3D scanning for post process inspection of 3D printed parts. If you need an object 3D scanned or reverse engineered, we can connect you to our partner provider for this service.

What is the build size dimensions for the EOS M290 DMLS Metal 3D Printer?

250x X 250y X 325z mm / 9.85x X 9.85y X 12.8z in

What Metals does 3D Logics print?

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and other specialty metals are available upon request (Inconel, Cobalt Chrome, Other Stainless Steels, and Tool Steel).

What is the build size dimensions for the EOS P110 SLS Plastic 3D Printer?

200x X 250y X 330z mm / 7.87x X 9.84y X 12.99z in

What plastics does 3D Logics print?

Nylon 12 is the primary plastic material we use for 3D printing. Other specialty polymers are available upon request (Glass-filled Nylon, Carbon-filled Nylon, and Flexible TPU).

Can I visit 3D Logics?

Please contact us if you would like to visit our facility or learn more about our 3D printing process.

Do I need an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?

By way of our standard policy, we do not share customer data with anyone else. Please contact us if you are concerned with the privacy of your information or require an NDA to be signed.

What kind of post processing do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of post processing for Metal and Plastic 3D printed parts. To view a complete list of processes, please visit the DMLS and SLS service pages.

Where is 3D Logics located?

3D Logics is located in the Hillsboro, Oregon USA just outside of Portland, Oregon.